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Hi, I’m Kristen Baumgardner Caven.

You might know me from my books. Or my stories or my poems or my ambitious theatrical efforts. Or from the line at the DMV, where you liked my shoes. Or from my childhood, well-spent youth, school daze, multiple jobs, volunteer work? Maybe you’ve seen me on stage at a parenting talk, literary reading, panel, zoom event, community event, or Zumbathon? Maybe you’ve read my articles, essays, or stories somewhere? Maybe you’ve been a subscriber to my blogs—which I write like they’re books—or to one of my many Facebook pages and groups. Maybe you’ve been to one of my parties, salons or convivia. Or maybe you know me from my husband’s blog, Entropical Paradise.

Things unseen—I make them visible, viable, sometimes even beautiful.

A certain ineluctible quidity permeates my arts and entertainment, biting criticism, brilliant visions, time-stopping poetry, funny lyrics, and head-scratcher jokes, insightful one-offs, and self-inventions. Through my work I shed light and awareness on places formerly in the dark, and it’s more okay than scary. When my ideas are ahead of their time I’m a freak; when I get my timing right I’m a trendsetting genius who watches others run with my ideas. I build bridges from confusion to opportunity. I make sense of the past where I can, and articulate what has not yet been named. I bring people together to open their hearts and slow down time, feeling the emotions of each moment. I’m here to universalize information & help the world walk in new paradigms.

Oh, and here’s how you pronounce my name!

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  • Generous Muse is the general creative outpouring.

  • The Museletter is a semi-annual round-up of current events (recent past and near future). See below for how to reduce your emails and only get this occasional announcement.

  • Woo! From home remedies to homeopathics, mysticism to metaphysics, this is where I write about healing and spiritual philosophy.

  • The Forest is where I come from: this planet, this family. Personal essays about seeing the big picture. Or seeing my kin.

  • PossibiliTea features Articles and Essays, Hints and Solutions, Tips and Triumphs, ideas galore.

  • The Flab Lab Department of Vitality is my wellness biz, and info about food, fitness, and fun might sort itself into this thread.

  • The Whining Family is a podcast of the book, The Winning Family, its pearls of wisdom wrapped in oyster-like essays about all things parenting, and what it’s like having a parenting expert for a mom.

All subscribers will get funny stories, experimental thoughts, raves and rants, midnight song lyrics, cartoons from the archives, book launch announcements, event invitations, meditations, movie reviews, pix of flowers, food & recipes, better ideas and unexpected insights, practical solutions to human dilemmas, links to fresh works, or calls to action. Some critical thinking. Some serious whimsy. Everyone can comment.

About That Paywall.

I am a creative professional. I spend time on what you’ll read, and I take pains. Some people find my output to be unique and valuable. If you’re one of them, here’s how you can support me!

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